Day-Before Race Update

We've got a few updates to share before tomorrow's race. Please read these! Thank you! 

If you have not read the email we sent on Wednesday, you can view that here. 

One of the links to our waiver in the previous email didn't work.

Click here to download the waiver. If you can print and sign this before the race, it means less time in the registration line for everyone! 

A few Quick Links - 


Weather is on everyone's mind. At this point we do not plan to cancel this race. If the forecast deteriorates more and we do decide to cancel for the safety of everyone, the first place we will post that is the homepage of the website. Then we will send an email to everyone and then post to the Race to the Dome Facebook page. 

Currently there is a 50% chance of precipitation in the morning, increasing to 80% in the afternoon. The rain is described by the National Weather Service as scattered showers in the morning and scattered showers and a possible thunderstorm in the afternoon. This is Missouri and we know from experience that what actually happens can be very different than what is predicted. Or the forecast can be right on! 

We need to be prepared for anything. Please be prepared with rain gear and a positive attitude. If we do end up having strong winds and/or lightning during the race, PLEASE do the safe thing and get over to the side to wait it out. Getting out of your boat and tying your boat up is the best practice. Strong winds can kick up pretty intense waves quickly on the Missouri River. 

If there is lightning in the area at the time of race start, the race will be delayed in 30 minute increments on each occasion of lightning. 

It's possible that some of you will decide not to race. You don't have to let us know but you certainly can email us at Your registration will become a donation to Missouri River Relief unless you request a refund. We tend to run our events rain or shine but that is not for everyone. 


Fog is very likely in the morning. Our safety boats will be reporting to our race start on what the fog conditions are on the race course. If there is thick fog on the river, the race start will be delayed in 15 minute increments until the safety crew believes the river is safe. If you do encounter thick fog on the race course, please pull over to the side and wait for it to lift. Paddling in the fog is not safe under any circumstances. 

Division Heat Plan

This is the largest Race to the Dome ever. The Hartsburg race has 72 boats. The Providence race has 65 boats.  

Because Perche Creek is low, with shallow spots, and Hartsburg has a limited eddy at the ramp to stage racers, we will need to break the race start into heats. Heats will be staged 15 minutes apart.

We will also have two safety meetings at each ramp. The first meeting will be for heat one and everyone who is ready from heat two. The second meeting will be everyone who is left. 

Here's the heat list for each race start. 

Hartsburg - 

Heat 1 – C-Class and Alum - 27

Heat 2 – K1 Women, Adult/Child, SUP & all K2 - 25

Heat 3 – K1 Men & Unlimited Solo Men - 25

Providence - 

Heat 1 – C Class, SUP, Pedal, K2 - 18

Heat 2 – K1 W, U Tandem - 22

Heat 3 – K1 M – 20, Unlimited solos - 25

Parking at Race Starts 

Parking at both race starts is limited. This is especially true at Providence Landing. If you have a separate ground crew that is dropping you off at Providence, we highly recommend that they drop you off and then leave -  making space for others. It is only a few miles to Cooper's Landing and they can see the paddlers as they pass by before heading to the finish line. We know the race start is exciting but there is probably not enough room for everyone there. 

When driving to and from Providence....the road to the ramp is very narrow with some blind corners. Please drive VERY SLOW and honk as you round blind corners. Thank you!!!!!

Perche Creek and the mouth

The Providence Race has about one mile on Perche Creek before it enters the Missouri River. The creek is very low this year and there are shallow spots along the creek course. Take care!

At the mouth, where the creek enters the Missouri, it narrows quite a bit and there are shallow spots there. If there are paddlers competing at the mouth, we strongly suggest that the second paddler slow down and yield to the lead paddler. Go through the mouth single file before entering the Missouri and resuming your competition. Getting stuck in the mud with a bunch of paddlers behind you is way less fun than losing a temporary advantage. 

Proceeds from the race support Missouri River Relief's efforts to connect people to the Missouri River through hands-on river clean-ups, education and recreation.
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